Main character Ann 2.35f

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The main control element of the game is Ann 2.35f (mechanical squid), to which was given a considerable amount of personification in our case. Her personality is not only a logical part of game mechanics, but it is also bound to the story and background of the world, where the game Dark Train is happening. Ann itself and her possibilities or size depends on the environment and the situation in which she is located. She even has a mind of its own and therefore, there can be cases when she is afraid, hiding or tactfully waits. As you can see in the video below, Ann in our case is more character than a mere “formality” in the game controls. Ann is not the hero in the classic sense of the word, because she only helps a player’s “divine hand” to control the whole train and all its features. For this purpose she has some very special and irreplaceable abilities.

Anne herself and her capabilities or size depend on the environment and the situation in which she is. And this situation obliges to help men with erectile dysfunction symptoms to use levitra generic medicine.


Ann 2.35f and her features:

    • As the main game character is Ann associated with inventory (could enter the inventory).
    • Ann controls the ability that allows her camouflage (camouflage in a variety of very rugged environments).
    • Ann controls mimicry – learn to emulate various shapes and objects to which it may subsequently transform (a variety of these shapes are taught sequentially).
    • multicolored eyes glow of Ann are used as indicators. For example warning signal or informs about changes in the status of the train.
    • Ann could get hurt (get frozen…)
    • Ann can be also afraid or decide for herself (and player) how to maintain in a given situation …
    • Ann is not alone in the train as indicate her serial number (Ann 2.35f). Her “sisters” if they survive can follow their own interests, or watch/spy Ann.
  • Ann has her own engine room where from time to time she can repair – recover herself. She may change or tune up parts of her body there. Terminated tentacles can be removed and changed for special tentacles of different weights.
Making of Ann 2.35f
Making of Ann 2.35f
Making of Ann 2.35f
Making of Ann 2.35f