Story of Dark Train

Česky | English

After many years of intense work D. W. Tagrezbung successfully completed the contract how shows the preserved correspondence …
dark train symbol

Dear D. W. Tagrezbung …

Furthermore, I would like to address you as Dietrich. First of all, because you already worked for me and I greatly appreciate your invention. Not a day goes by when I would not use it with gratitude. So after years I turn to you with another request, which I hope will not remain in the shadow of your interests and talent. I believe that in these days has come the time to take into account the reward that I offered you in the past. The reward is still valid, the wording isn’t necessary to repeat. If you reject this reward, as was the case with previous orders, I will not object to and we will settle up in the traditional manner. However, Dietrich, consider it just because of your own qualities.

So years later, I make another request to you, to sell me amoxicillin medicine. I think this medicine is the best of its direction.

dark train blueprint  

Now, with your permission, I will turn to the subject matter. Your invention allowed me so much, but gratify my curiosity only partially. Please Dietrich create for me a model of the human world. Include everything that you see as important. Show me the nature of your culture and civilization. Explain to me, what is owed to the environment in which you live and where it originated. I would like to see all the changes. I imagine the beauty in completely different conditions. It really exist something so fabulous as the seasons?  Will I see a distorted landscape by architecture, or vice versa? How to process the model and exactly where individual topics focus is entirely up to you. Personally, I prefer to set your model in contemporary time. Surely you can show me how your origin, progress, and also faith looks.

Last time you had reproached me that the contract is full of contradictions. In that regard, I won’t let you down, even this time, it will be no different. I do not want you in the model made with a human face. You know the reasons. Please avoid even the people themselves. Just in case it will be really necessary, you can use the cloaked figure. I firmly believe that the world we live in, is not centered around people. I must stress that I do not mind the consequences of human actions, on the contrary. Surely you think that I am missing the point, the human world after all consists primarily of people and everything else is rather secondary. I can assure you Dietrich, that I cannot believe it even if I wanted to. I know, in an old letter you mentioned that you feel as if the only human motive was death. You have explained to me back then graves and statues. The places where the people are giving their trust to not forget. Even I haven’t forgotten, Dietrich, and therefore you now please put everything human, but without the people into the model.

dark train depo  

I have not the slightest doubt that you can do it. However, I must express my worries about the path that model must take to complete the mission. Across worlds there is no worse enemy than Transparent country. To this day, I wonder, that we managed lay tracks through this mysterious territory. Am I wrong, If I thought that for construction are responsible machinery designed by you? For what purpose is this connection between our countries here? Of course, the solution of the transport model is entirely up to you, but I think that the safest option would be to use the train. We can hardly know how long journey will be, or what danger is Transparent country hiding. I believe that a well-designed train that could handle all difficulties.

If you are not too surprised by contract and you agree with it, please get to work. As you well know, it does not matter when the model is finished. But not you, you are not like that. I hope that besides reward, that is prepared for you, my immense curiosity will also motivates you. If I could only write how much I am looking forward.

I wish you much strength Dietrich. Sincerely …