Making of Dark Train

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In this article we would like to familiarize you with the creation process and visual philosophy of game Dark Train. Everything what you can see in the game is firstly papercut. Subsequently, comes pen drawings and then the digitization and post-production of papercut materials. In parallel with the digital world of game itself it’s also growing it physical model in the real world, together with archive of our handmade drawings. This is among other reflecting on the theme of the game itself and creation process of the work. Since the beginning of the game we want to keep visual style within the frame of a.k.a. cut-out animation.

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making of dark-train

For our purpose, this technique is sufficiently rich and in the Czech Republic has a long tradition to which we behave esteem. In previous years we have created in this way, for example, the short animated films Strap and Box. We are trying, as far as we can go by combining different techniques and structures of paper. We discovered, for example, the papers that looks like glass or ice. We are also working with the layout, where the white paper represents a day and on the other side black paper represents night. After we produce all the paper models and hand paintings, we process them through ordinary digital scanner. In next step we polish shapes and compositions in Photoshop. Then comes creating atlases for Unity and lastly we can craft final composition of a scene.
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